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Drapery & Valances

There’s something about custom-made drapery and bespoke top treatments that can’t be replicated by drapes purchased at a big box retailer. The Drapery Shop specializes in creating one-of-a-kind drapery and valances using premium materials, including fabric from Hunter Douglas and top designers that will beautifully frame the windows in your home.

Living room with white sofa and round chandler.  Curtains with a pattern hang in the background

Define Your Style

Despite being a popular window covering, drapes don’t have to be boring, basic, or stuffy. In addition to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your windows, drapery provides insulation, light control, and privacy. The right drapes also help to set the overall mood and tone of a space, whether it be open and airy, or cozy and intimate.

Formal rooms look fantastic with luxe fabrics like velvet that form a small puddle on the floor. Use drapes made of cotton or a cotton blend in a casual living room or den and have your drapery break just above the floor for a less formal feel. One of the most significant differences between curtains and drapes is the length of the panel. Opting for fabric that breaks at or just below the windowsill will be considered curtains rather than drapes.

The pleats and fullness of your drapery also lend your unique style to your windows. The standard fullness is 2.5x the width of your window, but you can choose from the standard two-finger pinch pleat, the European two-finger pinch pleat, or grommet top for your drapery. Why are drapes also so much wider than windows? We’re glad you asked. Drapery is made to be wider than windows, so it looks luxurious and elegant when pulled back, and allows you to have minimal stack back, which can interfere with your view of the outdoors.

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Trying a Top Treatment

When you hear “valance”, do you automatically think of the droopy top treatments that one of your grandmothers had over her windows? Modern valances are available in a huge variety of styles and fabrics. While valances aren’t a requirement for window treatments that wow, we highly recommend you consider window top treatments for a few reasons. 

Hunter Douglas, Design Studio™ Side Panels and Drapery, window top treatments near Vista, California (CA)
  • Valances enhance the style of your window coverings and can tie together various window treatments in the same room
  • Top treatments are an attractive way to hide hardware, rods, or anything else at the top of your drapery that you want out of view.
  • A wood valance can create a more structure around your window without sacrificing the soft, billowy fabric of drapes.
A valance can also provide additional light control for small gaps at the top and sides of your window treatments. Your valance can serve as a versatile stand-alone treatment and can be switched out with the changing of the seasons or to complement your holiday decor.

Privacy & Protection

Drapes may not offer much in the way of variable light control, but they certainly have light blockage down to a science. If you love the look of drapery but also want daytime privacy, try having two layers, with one of your drapes made of sheer fabric. Sheer fabrics obscure the view into your home from outside, but also allow sunlight to gently filter in. You can easily pair sheer drapery panels with panels made of thicker fabric to emulate two separate treatments on a single window. Close both sets completely for full privacy, open both for full sun, and open only the heavier fabric to enjoy a bit of privacy and natural light at the same time.

Your drapes will also help to keep your home’s interior items from being damaged by harmful UV rays. The same rays that burn your skin will also fade and discolor your furniture, floor and wall coverings, and other treasured items within your home. Try pairing linen drapes with a light-filtering liner in rooms where you spend time during the day, such as living or more formal sitting rooms.

Extra Insulation

Insulation is just as important in warm weather as it is in cool weather. Keeping unwanted hot air out will help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home without having to increase your energy usage. Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ drapes come lined with a light-filtering or room-darkening liner, both of which will provide some additional insulation. If you feel too cool inside, simply open your drapes fully to allow sunlight to provide natural warmth.

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Our team here at The Drapery Shop is ready to help you create spectacular drapery and valances for your windows. Contact us today to schedule your design consultation. Our showroom is in Vista, CA, and we are happy to serve the surrounding areas of Carlsbad, Solana Beach, Carmel Beach, Del Mar, Encinitas, and Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

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